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What is a Meal Prep service?

A meal prep is a modern combination of Catering and Fast food delivered to your home but with a healthy, convenient and affordable approach. You select meals based on portions and components needed or desired in your diet. Meals get cooked a day prior of delivery and placed and kept cold on plastic microwavable disposable containers. Microwave 3 minutes, eat and dispose.

Why should I have a meal prep service provider?

Time is valuable and limited. Having a meal prep provider you save time driving to the store, prepping and cooking your meals, prevent food waste and save money while ensuring you keep a highly nutritious diet. Meal prep is a sustainable way to save time and money and keep a healthy diet.

is there a contract?

No, there is no contracts. You can purchase meals on demand or set up a weekly recurring service to prevent forget to place an order, but you can modify, pause or cancel at any time.

How do I order meals?

There is 4 different ways to order meals: 1) The most popular is setting up a subscription. Select size of meals, days per week, amount of meals per day, breakfast or/and entrees and get started getting meals weekly, menu changes weekly. You choose meals or we choose them for you by dead line. 2) Order by Meal Boxes: Select a meal box qty of meals, more meals better deals. Choose box and select meals. 3) Order A La Carte: Each meal has its own price, you build your order as you go trough our menu. 4) Build custom meals: Build meals by selecting protein, carb and vegetables components and portions. You can also add condiments.

How and when do I get my meals if I live within Yakima?

You can order meals for Wednesday and Sunday and get them delivered to your selected address for free on selected day some time during the morning. You get a text message a day prior of delivery with ETA.

How and when do I get my meals if I live out of Yakima or out of STATE?

If you need meals delivered outside of our delivered in person zip codes we will use UPS AIR to get meals for you. This means meals will be shipped via mail and transit for under 24 hours in a thermal packaged box with ice pads or dry ice to keep your food cold and you will get them around 10 am next morning. For SUNDAY meals your meals will get delivered Monday and arrive TUESDAY. For Wednesday meals your order will be shipped Wednesday and arrive Thursday morning.

Is there is a cost for delivery or shipping?

There is no charge for home delivery if you are within our in person delivery zone. If you are located in a zone where you need UPS SHIPPING you will see the cost at check out. If you need meals on a zone your zip code is not accepted at check out feel free to reach out and we can add it for you.

What if my state or zip code is not accepted for ordering?

Submit a contact form requesting your zip code to be added. Provide state, zip code and city as well as contact information and we will notify you as soon as your zip code is enabled.

Do you have a permanent menu?

Our menu rotates weekly so you can keep a sustainable meal service without getting bored.

Is there a discount for referring anyone?

YES! you get $10 automatically on your digital wallet. Simply go to your profile > My identity and hit INVITE A FRIEND! follow the steps and both you and your friend will get $10

Is there a discount for leaving a review?

YES! We apply $10 off for each Google and Facebook review (combined $20)!

Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, if your zip code is not listed. Send us a DM and we can add it.

When’s the soonest I can receive meals?

We deliver meals twice a week, place your order today and receive meals in the following 3 days. Select delivery dates at check out.

Are your meals all organic?

All of our products are hormone and pesticide-free, but they are not all organic. Essentially, it’s the highest quality products you can get at this price point.

What is the macro in the meals?

Each meal or beverage has a nutritional label with detailed breakdown. Meals range between 250 and 800 calories.